My Bio

Married, kidling, dogling, fishling, Unitarian, lefty, drinking, sometimes herb smoking, silly, giggling, nature lover who loves music, all sorts of arts, really good movies, hours upon hours of exhausting sex, a sense of humor, love of life and the creatures and things in it....yeah, I know...I'm a case...tell me something I DO NOT know! :)

My Occupation

Currently, an aspiring erotic fic writer,photographer and a DOMESTIC GODDESS! My hubby thinks I am a Goddess period, but hey, he's WHIPPED, what does HE know!

My Hobbies

listening to TONS of music, ceramics, Oriental watercoloring, photography, caring for wild birds, my crazy dog, gardening, camping, fishing, hiking in the woods, beachcombing, reading, watching movies ( whether in a movie theater or good ol' DVD's), genealogy, anthropology, archaeology, doing stuff on 'puter , writing fuck I mean fanfics ( LOL )! :) ,blah, blah, blah, yadda, yadda, yadda...OH YEAH!

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Videos That I Like

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